Case Study: Lincoln Center - Improve Web site Customer Satisfaction

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is one of the leading Arts and Cultural organizations. Though well-known throughout the world perception of the performing arts centers’ scope and structure varied widely among donors and ticket buyers. Before embarking on an unprecedented capital campaign, Lincoln Center partnered with Linescale to develop a brand platform to serve as a foundation for increased awareness and expanded ticketing and donation growth.

Using Linescale’s brand positioning capabilities, Lincoln Center was able to select a winning concept, complete with reasons why, as its new brand platform. As part of the study, Lincoln Center was able to:

  • Understand awareness levels and perception of Lincoln Center and its subsidiaries as compared to competitive Arts and Cultural organizations
  • Test and refine the highest scoring positioning alternatives
  • Include all internal departments and subsidiaries to gain buy-in prior to launch
  • Gain critical qualitative information to support the roll out and subsequent communications efforts

Having adopted the winning concept, Lincoln Center went on to use Linescale to develop its Web site, with attention to both information exchange and ticketing among Lincoln Center’s constituent groups. This was followed up with Web site assessment programs for the constituent groups of Lincoln Center.