Case Study: Jenny Craig - New Product Development

Jenny Craig is a pioneer in the weight management category. Under considerable threat from new competitors and facing declining sales growth (minus 20%), the company turned to Linescale to re-create their core weight management offering and boost top and bottom line growth.

Through iterative development rounds Jenny Craig was able leverage Linescale’s concept develop capabilities. The process included:

  • Exploratory rounds that uncovered reasons for sales decline and pointed to a new direction
  • The identification of the highest performing program to recoup old and win new customers. Program requirements called for no diminution of profit margin
  • Continuous customer dialogue to redefine all elements of the program, including features, membership fee structure, loyalty program and food pricing
  • Bringing all major constituencies into the process to ensure buy-in and momentum and share learnings
  • Gaining a deeper understanding, supported by both quantitative and qualitative, of how to communicate the new program

Once the repositioning was rolled out to the market and accompanied by a Linescale-driven communications plan, revenues grew to +30% annually and the company was sold to Nestle for $1 billion.