Case Study: Jenny Craig - Advertising Development

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is a pioneer in the weight management category. In conjunction with using Linescale to redefine their core product offering, Jenny Craig deployed Linescale’s advertising development solution to create and track the accompanying launch.

The Linescale development process included:

  • Evaluation of the current campaign as sub-par, scoring well below the new product along with detail why customers and prospects scored the campaign as they did
  • Testing of a wide range of ad propositions and executions in different stages of development against the current offering
  • Extraction of the highest scoring elements—claims, promises, themes—to arrive at the components of the new campaign
  • Using Linescale’s fast and iterative approach to arrive at the ‘Kirstie Alley’ campaign execution
  • Tracking of ad impact and attitudes on customers, prospects and staff

The Kirstie Alley award winning campaign became the symbol of the company’s return to prominence in its category. With the new campaign to drive awareness and generate interest revenues improved to +30% annual growth before the company was sold to Nestle for $1 billion.