Customer Satisfaction In Depth

You don’t need to “settle” for just a score.

Linescale Delivers CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Plus a Deep-Dive Into the Drivers of Satisfaction AND Dissatisfaction

Linescale uniquely identifies each individual customer by their Satisfaction Segment. Immediately learn who, why and how many of your customers are
Acceptors, completely satisfied – and what really turns them on about you
Borderline, generally satisfied but either missing a key benefit or experiencing a problem – and what the missing benefit or problem is
Indifferent, generally dissatisfied – and why
Rejectors, quite unhappy and likely on their way out of your franchise – and why.

Unique Competitive Benchmarks: Benchmark using the most meaningful competition:
(1) Each customer's two biggest competitive alternatives to your brand, and
(2) Each customer's expectations for your brand versus their recent experience with your brand

Customers Own Words: Hear directly from each customer why he or she is an Acceptor, Borderline, Indifferent or a Rejector. Customers tell you in their own words what you are doing right for them, what they need to be completely sold and where things break down.

Linescale Composes the Interview and Report: Linescale automatically designs and composes your interview based on your input. Linescale's award winning Interview Interface is rated by every customer to insure quality and satisfaction with the interview. You can be sure the results reflect reality because we ask each respondent. We also make it easy for you to add additional questions on your mind. And, customers like and look forward to the interview - it's a feature of your brand, not a burden.

Automated Test for Every Marketing Need: As issues arise, Linescale provides the tools for development and improvement of your brand's performance. Linescale provides a full suite of marketing tests - advertising, packaging, selling propositions, concept screening, concept testing, logos, brand names, promotion testing, central location product testing, price testing.

Time-Interval Benchmarks:  Linescale benchmarks Customer Satisfaction Segment performance then tracks performance over time. You select the time periods - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, year to date. All the above. You select and manage your own reporting frequency.