Case Study: Hotel eCommerce Website Revenue Improvement

A leading eCommerce website with revenues in the muli-billion dollar range selected Linescale to help improve Web site satisfaction and increase revenue growth. Though this client relied on traditional click-stream analysis to tell them where visitors clicked and departed the site and how effective their e-marketing campaigns were they did not know WHY visitors were behaving in the manner they were. They selected Linescale’s Web site Optimizer to help them identify which aspects of the Web site were driving satisfaction, which components were creating confusion or dissatisfaction and what was needed to improve the site experience for its varied users.

Linescale’s Web site Optimizer delivered monthly:

  • Overall website satisfaction scores, grouping users into four distinct segments based on their satisfaction with the Web site experience
  • Customer ratings on all key website activities and functions
  • A competitive index which highlighted both strong competitors and vulnerable ones
  • Customer diagnostics on key dimensions of the Web site experience
  • Identification and prioritization of all key Web site improvement opportunities
  • Customer verbatims to provide further granularity on and support of quantitative findings

With the initial Linescale Web site assessment, this client was able to identify a +$1 billion dollar growth opportunity and how to best approach it. Monthly Linescale studies went on to track performance of the overall site and on the key initiatives identified to capture this incremental revenue.