Case Study: FreshDirect

FreshDirect  FreshDirect is the leading online grocer serving the greater New York Metropolitan area. Facing competition from traditional grocers, restaurants, delivery services and other online grocers, FreshDirect partnered with Linescale to develop a deep and ongoing understanding of customer attitudes and competition, and to generate actionable service improvement opportunities.

Linescale’s Market, Web and Customer Assessment and Tracking offering delivered monthly:

  • Satisfaction segmentation that group their customers into four categories based on their satisfaction with the service
  • Customer ratings for all key departments and various aspects of the service offering
  • Competitive index identifying and tracking the strongest and most vulnerable competitors
  • In-depth customer diagnostics on topical issues, such as the impact of the economy on current usage and behavioral patterns
  • Driver analysis that identifies the highest return improvement opportunities
  • Customer verbatims to display the voice of the customer on key aspects of product and service

In addition to creating a continuous dialogue with the customers, FreshDirect has used the Market, Web and Customer Assessment and Tracking solution to drive up customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in 55% of total sales from loyal customers up from 25% year on year. This fast growing and innovative company has completed hundreds of Linescale studies for the development of new promotions, product offerings, customer programs, and service options, in other words the entire marketing process.