Case Study: Bringing the United States Postal Service Online and 24 hours



Linescale instrumental in creation, development and design of Online Post Office applications, Postal Counter Clerk work terminals and Automated Postal Centers
The United States Postal Service needed 24-hour kiosks to extend service beyond counter clerk lines, the ability to sell specific postage labels online, and a new counter clerk POS terminal. Linescale identified the key barrier to success in all these programs; the complexity of the postal products and how they were displayed and priced. Through Concept Testing, we quickly identified the key game-changer, flipping the question to customers from "How do you want it to go?", to "How quickly do you want it delivered?" then show speeds and prices from here to there. This allowed development of optimized service offerings and layering on of additional services available for the base "speed" (or Class) of service chosen, such as signature confirmation, delivery confirmation, and all the traditional insurance, etc. postal services.

Concept testing not only demonstrated the new acceptability to customers, testing with employees and management promoted buy-in throughout the Postal system. Linescale was also used continuously in a lab setting to evaluate and improve all potential design and application features of the Automated Postal Centers, which are being deployed nationally in a $2-3 billion expansion program. Linescale also did all development testing for the design of the current postal Point of Sale Terminal System, called POS-1, a touch screen manufactured to exact USPS specification.